8th annual Young scientists journal conference




A huge thank you to our sponsors!PLATINUM:, University of Leeds, National GeographicSILVER: IgniteMinds, New York Academy of SciencesBRONZE: Astin Consulting


Here's what you need to know!

When is it?

September 26th - 10am to 3pm London Time

What is the theme?

A Timeline of Science!

What about the poster contest?

Scroll down this page for more details!

Made with Love

We are a team of 200 international volunteers from the Young Scientists Journal!

Submit your STEM research!

Projects will be adjudicated by a panel of judges and the best ones will be selected for prizes.
If you are interested in participating, you can fill in the form at forms.gle/3YiZzn7pnFxEidu8A (or click on the big button below) before Friday September 25th and upload the necessary details. We look forward to seeing your submissions

Where can I find some example posters? Click here to check out some posters from last year's conference!

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