12 October 2017 | Queens’ College Cambridge

Young Scientists Journal’s annual conference, aimed at students aged 14 to 18, brings enthusiasts for science and its related fields together so that they can meet, discuss, share their ideas and learn from others.


A series of talks given at the conference by distinguished scientists will inspire and inform students and teachers alike.


There are a variety of workshops you can attend, allowing you to engage in greater depth with a variety of science and communication topics.


Networking opportunities at the conference will allow you to learn from others and grow your contacts.

Poster Presentations

Students may bring poster presentations to the conference on projects or other work they have done, for the opportunity to win prizes. Click here for more.

Featured Speakers & Organisations

A small flavour of the people and organisations who came to our 2016 conference. 2017 Lineup will be announced in Spring.

Chris Lintott

Chris Lintott

Professor of Astrophysics, Oxford University

The Royal Society

The Royal Society

The UK national academy of science

Kate Watkins

Kate Watkins

Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience, Oxford University

Highlights from previous conferences

Sponsors (2016)




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Jim Al-Khalili Welcome

Welcome to the Young Scientists Journal conference 2016, and my apologies for not being able to join you in person. Science is nothing if it is not communicated; we must stand on the shoulders of giants if we are to progress. I know from my research with scientists... read more

What people said about our previous conferences

Got to speak to some truly inspiring young scientists, absolutely fantastic 🙂

A thoroughly enjoyable day that proved highly inspirational and informative.

We were really impressed with the conference, the choice and quality of the speakers and workshop leaders was fun and stimulating

The conference is organized by Young Scientists Journal the world’s peer review science journal, written, edited and produced by 12-20 year-olds.