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With the 2017 conference coming up soon at Queen’s College, Cambridge, let’s have an overview of what happened last year!

During the conference, members of the King’s Hub participated in many ways: Filming of the presentations, guiding guests into the seminar rooms and answering any questions about either the conference or the journal itself. Roughly 140 people, including the speakers, attended to the conference. It was a successful day and all the members of the King’s Hub enjoyed it greatly.

One of the keynote speakers was Kate Watkins, professor of cognitive neuroscience at Oxford. Kate Watkins gave a talk on looking inside the brain, specifically the brains of people who have had visual impairments from birth. Her talk gave fascinating insights into how the part of the brain associated with visual functions in sighted people can be associated with other functions, such as language, in people who have been blind from birth. We were lucky enough to also be joined by Nicola, and people were very keen to hear her first-hand perspective.

Sunetra Gupta gave a thought provoking and insightful talk on the links between the language of science and the language of literature. She also gave us an overview on her research on the spread of disease.

Later in the day, there were a series of workshops and short lectures around the theme of mass communication in science. These left conference delegates excited about the prospect of getting involved in the future of science.

Students from 20 schools participated in the student poster presentation. They brought poster presentations about a research that they had done on science topics that they were interested in, ranging from spider genome to astronomy. Besides having their posters shown in a seminar room, they did a short presentation in the Ogilvie Theatre in the afternoon on their research. I was really impressed by how in-depth the researches were and how every student were very passionate about science. It was remarkable listening to the students sharing fascinating experiments that they conducted in addition to interesting facts that they discovered and researched on with the audience.

As for this year, we are really looking forward to having Dr Michael Sutherland as one of our keynote speakers to talk about the transport properties and electronic structure of superconductors and novel correlated electron systems. There are also other talks and workshops for everyone, wherever your interests lie. This is a precious opportunity for students who are passionate about science to share their interests with peers and to explore more about the beauty of science, so please do come along to the conference this year to expand your enthusiasm for science!

By Sophie Main and Giselle Ngan (King’s School Canterbury Hub)