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Queens' College, University of Cambridge

Professor Dame Frances Ashcroft

Oxford University

Neonatal Diabetes


Dame Frances Ashcroft is a fellow of Trinity College, Oxford and is a director of the Oxford Centre for Gene Function. Her work has helped enable children born with diabetes to switch from insulin injections to tablet therapy.

Dr Michael Sutherland

Cambridge University

Low Temperature Physics


Dr Michael Sutherland is a Royal Society University Research Fellow studying correlated electron physics in the Quantum Matter group. His research interests lie mainly in the study of transport properties and electronic structure of superconductors and novel correlated electron systems.

Dr Jonathan McMaster & Dr Michael Sutherland

University of Nottingham & Cambridge University

University Admissions – Q&A


Dr Jonathan McMaster is a Biological Inorganic Chemist with interests in the roles of d-transition metals in biology. He is currently part of the McMaster group the McMaster Group studying, among other things, the development of analogues of the active sites of the [NiFe] hydrogenases as potential catalysts for the production of dihydrogen.

Niek d'Hondt

Ghent University

Scientific Storytelling


A passionate freelance science communication consultant and trainer, who earned his stripes in the battlefield. He co-founded and helps to run ReaGent, an open DIY biolab in Ghent, Belgium providing open access to bioscience tools and knowledge. He also helped set-up Ekoli, a non-profit that is involved in innovative science education.

Professor Becky Parker

Institute for Research in Schools

Students as Researchers


After a physics degree and research at the University of Chicago Becky taught in a variety of schools and was Senior Lecturer in physics at the University of Kent. She is now Director of the Institute for Research in Schools (IRIS) based at Simon Langton School, Canterbury. IRIS supports school students and teachers to work alongside research scientists giving them opportunities to be involved in authentic research. [Source: The Royal Society]

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