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The more we find out about space, the more we realise we don’t know. There are approximately 200,000,000,000 stars in the Milky Way, and that is just one single galaxy. There is a reason people like looking at stars so much – it puts things in perspective and makes your problems seem less significant. We know so much about our solar system – for example, we know that Earth is the only planet with liquid water. However, there is still so much information we’re lacking. Whether life exists anywhere except from Earth. Why the universe exists. The answers to these questions could be crucial, and yet in this day and age, when you can even order your pizza from your watch, we still have no clue.

This is why the workshops in this conference are so significant right now, since several of them have space related themes. One workshop, given by Kathie Bowden from the UK Space Agency, will talk about Careers in Space – this is the way forward to new discoveries and finding out more about space. A lot of the students coming to the conference probably have no idea what they want to do with their lives, and this workshop will expose them to an incredible career that could potentially become theirs.

Another workshop will be talking about a Lunar Mission, and will be given by

Rodney Buckland

, from Lunar Mission One. This is another incredible way to be more in touch with space and to find out more information. It’s with missions like this that we’ll be able to learn more about space, and this incredible workshop coming from someone who is very close to the mission is sure to engage young minds to come up with ideas like this themselves.

Space hasn’t been this exciting since the 60s – NASA are working on a huge new rocket, there are big plans for space tourism, a space observatory the size of a tennis court is being built. It’s safe to say we can look forward to an incredible new space age, but by coming to the conference and finding out more about space, you can make sure it’s even more incredible.

Irina Mironosetskaya

Irina Mironosetskaya

YSJournal Communications Team

Irina Mironosetskaya is a true multinational girl, claiming heritage from Poland, Russia, Finland, Germany and UK.  She is on the YSJournal Communications Team and hopes one day to be a plastic surgeon.  She is in Year 12 at The King’s School, Canterbury.